Local Businesses Urged to Support Umbrella Project Come Rain or Shine

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Portview, has teamed up with Liverpool charity, ADHD Foundation, to raise awareness of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and autism by sponsoring its famous Umbrella Project.


Launched on 28 June, the Umbrella Project has seen Church Alley in Liverpool city centre transformed into a kaleidoscope of colour with a cheerful display of 200 suspended umbrellas. The campaign celebrates the gifts, talents and employability of those with ADHD, autism and other neuro-developmental disorders, known as “umbrella terms”. The umbrellas have also been personalised by local school children with messages of “my superpower is…” to challenge the stigma of ‘invisible’ disabilities and highlight the skills and “super powers” of children with neuro-developmental disorders.

Portview, who is currently fitting-out the new Lush store on Church Alley, is one of the first businesses to support the iconic art installation and is encouraging others to join the campaign.

Managing Director of Portview, Simon Campbell said:

“We’re currently fitting-out a major retail project on Church Alley which means we have a lot of construction happening in the area, so once we heard about the campaign we worked hard to ensure the ADHD Foundation had quick and safe access to the street so they could prepare for the launch.”

There are over 500,000 school age children with ADHD in the UK and over 60,000 children with autism. ADHD Foundation aims to promote and improve the mental health outcomes, educational attainment, employability, social inclusion and life chances of children, young people and adults affected by ADHD through early intervention, with a range of training and therapies.

Simon Campbell continued:

“Although we are based in Belfast, we operate throughout the UK and Ireland, so we’re passionate about giving back to the local communities we work in. It’s hugely rewarding to know that we’re supporting such a great cause by raising awareness and funding opportunities that will help children with a neurodevelopmental condition to thrive.

“We really hope this will encourage other businesses to join us by supporting this incredible project and sponsoring an umbrella.”

To get involved with the Umbrella Project, local businesses can sponsor an umbrella for £100, which would buy a whole programme of support for families.

Dr Tony Lloyd, chief executive ADHD Foundation, said:

“Our Umbrella Project is now in its second year and continues to attract attention from far and wide. You only have to look on social media to see the impact it is having both in this country and internationally. It’s fantastic to see our aims to highlight ADHD and autism and start a conversation are being realised in such a positive way.

“We must thank Portview for their unwavering support, in not only helping us to ensure the space on Church Alley was safe for the children to perform during the launch event but also by going one step further and sponsoring the campaign.”

For further information about ADHD Foundation visit www.adhdfoundation.org.uk. You can also follow them on Twitter @ADHDFoundation #UmbrellaProject #whatsyoursuperpower #umbrellas

Pictured: Lisa Rudge of ADHD Foundation with Portview Site Manager, Darren Flitcroft

Pictured: Lisa Rudge of ADHD Foundation with Portview Site Manager, Darren Flitcroft