Portview Dial it up for Arsenal


Dial Square

Dial Square

Over the years, Portview has worked on a number of stadia fit-outs to enhance the overall hospitality experience of world famous sport venues in the UK and Ireland.

Most recently, we crafted a new hospitality lounge for Arsenal FC, designed by 20.20, with the purpose of celebrating the football club’s rich heritage, whilst offering fans and families a fun and entertaining experience.

Named after the Royal Arsenal armaments factory in 1886, the new Dial Square lounge pays homage to the sundial set above the entrance, that facilitated the timekeeping of armaments factory workers throughout the 1800s.

Portview worked closely with strategic design consultancy 20.20, to deliver a space that references the history of the club at the munitions workshop, by incorporating visual touch points into the design of the new courtyard bar and seating.


An example of this can be seen at Podium Level, where guests are greeted with reclaimed corrugated metal wall panels and weathered oak panelling acting as a visual nod towards the industrial revolution. At the top of the Club Level stairs and escalator awaits a show-stopping, handmade mosaic showpiece of the famous Dial Square sundial. Measuring nearly 4m x 4m, the stunning showpiece, which has been manufactured from tens of thousands of hand-cut individual mosaic tiles, is a work of art in its own rite.


Continuing the industrial theme, the two main bars have been finished in an Iron Corten work surface with a front panel of golden rays set into it, complemented by a rich mix of Victorian mosaic floor tile and black oak for added warmth.

The two new food servery offerings include succulent rotisserie chicken from The Rotisserie Square, and delicious freshly baked pizza from The Courtyard Oven, the first open-flame pizza oven of its kind for a Premier League stadium.


Portview also carried out extensive works to the double height space now called The Courtyard Bar, including the manufacturing and installation of the new 5m x 5m drinks bar which features 49 hanging globe pendant lights, each representing one of the 49 unbeaten matches during the iconic 2003-2004 season. Bringing the outdoors in, the space also features four planter units with 5m tall artificial trees.

Black oak framed booths, complete with table phone charging points and stencilled metal privacy screens in solid oak frames, await those who wish to eat in a more intimate setting.


Two large high definition video walls, individually measuring 16” x 55”, flank each end of the space, so supporters can watch every match highlight in glorious detail whilst socialising and dining with friends.


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